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On September 7th, we harvested our winter squash.  Five varieties:  butternut, delicata, black futsu, red kuri and acorn.  Two of these varieties are less known around the central Arkansas area… red kuri and black futsu.  These are both Japanese varieties that are prized by chefs. 

Here is what the internet says about black futsu:  Black Futsu is an heirloom Japanese pumpkin with attractive, deeply ribbed, bumpy skin that cures from deep black-green to a warm orange buff color. Edible skin, and fine, nutty-flavored flesh. Great roasted, fried in tempura, pureed in pies or soups, or pickled! 

Our black futsu went this year to the New South Cooperative in Memphis.  But if you are interested in next year, let us hear from you by writing to daniel.spatz@gmail.com.

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