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Quality of Life

As a family, we believe in improving the quality of our lives through healthy eating. As business owners, we strive to help people understand that healthy food is naturally delicious.

More and more, our lives are filled with complex dilemmas.  We desire the youth, vitality and happiness that comes with healthy living. Yet we struggle to find balance between what seems right in the moment and the long term consequences of our actions.

Sadly, the American diet has evolved over time to include more and more salt, fats and processed sugars.  It's understandable, as these ingredients "over stimulate" the taste sensors in our nervous system, making us feel good for awhile.

In our family, as we gradually reduced our consumption of processed sugars, fats and salt, the kids' ear infections, throat aches and runny noses disappeared.  Dan and Nadia both lost weight and generally feel higher energy levels and less energy variability throughout the day. We are better able to manage our stress and are more productive.  We have experienced the benefits of healthy living and witnessed the miraculous ability of our bodies to heal themselves!

In many cases, processed food has been altered to increase salt, fat and sugar content to drive taste acceptance and repeated consumption.  Despite the allure of convenience, low cost and fast food, it is truly your health that is at stake.

So here is the good news:  the trade-offs between taste, convenience, cost and health are an illusion!  Food can be prepared and our taste sensors trained to feel plenty of pleasure from dishes that nourish our bodies and drive high levels of short term and long term health outcomes.

Curious about this?  Want to know more?

Achievement of positive health outcomes through nutrition is often described as a journey.  We were not sages in discovering our paths along this journey.  Instead, we have continuously educated ourselves in a truth that has been around since Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  He lived from 460 - 370 B.C.  This knowledge has been around a long time!

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We are simply humbled by the possibility that we might play a role in spreading this knowledge with anyone willing to keep an open mind, accept personal responsibility and truly realize how much healing power you have within.

If you want more information or you simply want to engage with somebody who has been on this path, please write to us at healthyflavors.inc@gmail.com